HM graces the passing out parade of RBA recruits

His Majesty The King graced the passing out parade of the 72nd and 73rd batch of Royal Bhutan Army recruits.

For the special occasion, the recruits presented a drill and a heartfelt zhabtoen to His Majesty and took the solemn oath to serve the tsawasum. His Majesty congratulated the recruits for completing their training successfully, and their families and trainers, for rendering support to the recruits.

His Majesty reminded the recruits that the foremost duty of all Bhutanese, and of the Armed Forces of Bhutan, was to protect the sovereignty and security of the country for all times to come.

“Our greatest objective is to ensure that the peace and security of our country remains intact for generations, and that our people can achieve progress and prosperity, and are able to fulfil all of their dreams and aspirations,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty said these national goals would be achieved when people work harmoniously and in unity, putting aside all differences, with the timeless and inherent Bhutanese values of Drilam Choesum, Thadamsi, and Ley Jumdrey in mind.

Our actions and the manner in which we work will determine the future of our country, His Majesty said to the recruits.

“As King, my dream for our country is that it will remain a beautiful, clean and organised paradise, where the people can live in safety and tranquility,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty commended the Armed Forces for having carried out their duties of protecting the country and her people without fear or hesitation, and especially for having achieved success and accolades for their service under the Command of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

Expressing the hope that the Armed Forces of Bhutan would continue to serve the country as impeccably in times to come, His Majesty described the growing role of the Royal Bhutan Army.

Besides their foremost duties to protect the boundaries of the sacred nation, His Majesty said the armed forces have been prompt in rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts during various natural disasters within the country. When earthquakes struck Eastern Bhutan in 2009 and Western Bhutan in 2011, and during the fires in Wamrong and Chamkhar towns, the army rendered the greatest support to the people, helping in rebuilding homes.

The armed forces must support the government’s developmental activities for the benefit and welfare of the people and communities, and in strengthening the economy of the country, His Majesty said.

Bhutan’s armed forces have also begun playing an international role, as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force beginning last year.

An example of the support by armed forces to development activities is the assistance provided to the National Land Commission to carry out land surveys for the second round of the Nationwide Cadastral Resurvey, as part of His Majesty’s Land Reform Exercise. The second round of His Majesty’s land kidu, to include all those who were omitted in the first round, has already begun.

His Majesty also said that the welfare of the armed forces and their families are always in His Majesty’s mind.

The 415 recruits have undergone a yearlong training at the Military Training Centre in Tencholing, and will now join the Royal Bhutan Army and Royal Body Guards as soldiers of the Bhutanese armed forces.

The Prime Minister, senior government and armed force officers along with the Indian Ambassador, DANTAK Chief Engineer, and IMTRAT Commandant attended the event.



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