HM graces the passing out parade of RBA recruits

His Majesty The King graced the passing out parade of the 72nd and 73rd batch of Royal Bhutan Army recruits.

For the special occasion, the recruits presented a drill and a heartfelt zhabtoen to His Majesty and took the solemn oath to serve the tsawasum. His Majesty congratulated the recruits for completing their training successfully, and their families and trainers, for rendering support to the recruits.

His Majesty reminded the recruits that the foremost duty of all Bhutanese, and of the Armed Forces of Bhutan, was to protect the sovereignty and security of the country for all times to come.

“Our greatest objective is to ensure that the peace and security of our country remains
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Chief Operations Officer, Lt Gen Batoo Tshering attends the first-ever United Nations Chiefs of Defence Conference in New York

Chief Operations Officer of the Royal Bhutan Army, Lt General Batoo Tshering participates in the first ever Conference of the Chiefs of Defence that the UN Secretary General convened on March 27 in New York to discuss UN peacekeeping operations.


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